Does my child have to be potty-trained to attend a LIPP School?

No, we do not require incoming students to be potty-trained.

Does LIPP follow a Curriculum?

Yes, LIPP follows a proprietary, academic, teacher-led curriculum in monthly installments.

Is the uniform required?

The Dennis-issued LIPP uniform is required for all LIPP students from 18 months onwards. Uniforms may be ordered online or purchased in-store at Dennis Uniforms.

Does my child have to have previous exposure to a second language to join a LIPP program?

No, we accept students at all levels of language proficiency. Prior exposure to a second or third language is not required.

What is the teacher-to-student ratio?

Our classroom ratio is typically 1 to 12. Our Infant ratio is 1 to 4.

Does LIPP provide meals?

LIPP offers a meal program through The Simply Fresh Kitchen. Families set up an account and subscribe directly through the vendor. SFK does not provide snacks. Families may opt to send a lunch and 2 to 3 nut-free snacks, along with a refillable water bottle.

How do I submit an Enrollment Application?

Once a family has toured the campus and provided a spot has been extended, the Registration Fee is then required and the Enrollment Application must be submitted.

How will immersion academics affect my child’s English acquisition and transition to Kindergarten?

Immersion education stimulates the neurotransmitters in a young child’s developing brain. We find that as a child acquires a second or third language, their command of English improves as well. Typically LIPP students arrive academically equipped to Kindergarten.