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Mandarin Immersion

Mandarin, Chinese, is the most spoken language on the planet, so learning it creates an immediate connection between your child and one-fifth of the world’s population.

Mandarin is exceptional, as it isn’t phonics-based and requires children to familiarize themselves with many characters—or logograms—to be able to read and write. Learning Mandarin characters takes practice and concentration, and studying the language helps develop a child’s memorization skills.

There is also a scientific correlation between learning Mandarin and improved mathematical ability. Practicing character writing requires repeated counting, which boosts numeric thinking in young children.

At LIPP Schools, our Mandarin teachers are proficient in pronunciation, pitch and cultural nuance. Traditional calligraphy and Pinyin practice are actively incorporated into the curriculum.

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Why Mandarin?

  • Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world, with one billion Mandarin speakers.
  • Studies have shown that Mandarin speakers use both sides of the brain when speaking.
  • Speaking Chinese opens the gateway to a deeper understanding of 5,000 years of Chinese history and culture.
  • Mandarin proficiency is appreciated by employers and is beneficial for conducting global business.
  • In addition to China, Mandarin is spoken in Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Mongolia and the Philippines.

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential…these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.”

About LIPP Schools

At LIPP Schools, we believe educating children through the lens of language prepares them to thrive in a dynamic, interconnected and evolving global community.

By exposing students to the world of immersion, LIPP pilots the academics of preschool, and children learn to navigate in Spanish, French or Mandarin. Through a proprietary curriculum, hands-on activities, ongoing conversation, engaging books and music, LIPP students acquire crucial life skills for Kindergarten and beyond.

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Is it worth putting kids in Mandarin Immersion Preschool?

Mandarin is spoken by roughly 1,3 billion people worldwide. It is widely used in business and in many countries worldwide. As such, it is a practical language which also requires years of practice.

What are the differences between Mandarin immersion and Mandarin immersion preschool?

LIPP Schools’ Spanish immersion program IS Mandarin immersion preschool. Classes are curriculum-based and teacher-led. Academics are imparted in the target language by native speakers. Your child will acquire all the skills of preschool, with the added bonus of doing so while mastering Mandarin.

What are the benefits of Mandarin immersion?

Mandarin immersion helps with executive function, greater attention span, development of both left and right brain skills, and increased neuroplasticity.

What are the advantages of Chinese language preschool for kids?

Mandarin is best learned at a young age, as the characters and pronunciation may seem complex. Children’s brains are highly receptive to new sounds and Chinese helps develop cognitive skills and may even enhance mathematics.

Can you learn Chinese through immersion?

Chinese is best learned through immersion. By diving into academics and instruction in the target language daily, fluency occurs more seamlessly.

What are the best mandarin language immersion programs?

LIPP Schools’ Mandarin immersion programs are premier private preschool offerings in Houston, Texas. Beginning at 3 months through 5 years, all Mandarin instruction is imparted by native speakers in the target language.

Parent & Student Testimonials

  • “We are very happy with LIPP. The staff is very caring and loving and our 2-year-old son loves going to school. He's learning a lot and bringing home many projects that they do at school. We were worried initially about it being a full immersion school and his language still developing. But he's doing great, learning, and interacting in a good environment.” - Eldho Kuriakose

  • “Both of our children have found a home at LIPP Babble. Now that my oldest moved on to kindergarten, she misses her LIPP family so dearly. LIPP has done an incredible job of creating a happy, loving, fun, and educational environment. - Brookelyn Avila

  • “My son loves school and is now starting to say Mama! He is very persistent and speaks more Spanish every day! Thank you for providing transparency and allowing us to be part of the LIPP Family. We truly are so grateful! Your teachers are rare gems and their hard work should be recognized! I love working together to help my child grow and learn!”

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