13 Essential Questions to Ask Preschools

The start of preschool marks a huge milestone in a child’s life! Choosing the right preschool for your child and your family involves much more than just location and facilities. It’s about finding an environment that nurtures their growth, development, and well-being in every area. In this article, we’ll discuss some essential questions to ask preschools so you can make informed decisions and set your child up for success on their educational journey!

What is Your Student-to-Teacher Ratio? 

This is a big one! A lower student-to-teacher ratio typically allows for more individualized attention, fostering better academic and social development, while a higher ratio may lead to less personalized interactions and potentially hinder a child’s learning experience. Asking after and understanding the student-to-teacher ratio in a classroom can help you gauge the level of support your child will receive in the classroom environment.

Is Your Preschool Licensed? 

Parents should always ask if a preschool is licensed because it ensures the institution meets safety, health, and educational standards set by authorities, providing confidence in the quality of care and education for their children. This question can go a long way toward a parent’s peace of mind. 

teacher and preschool age children in a classroom

How Does Your School Handle Discipline? 

Parents should ask how a preschool handles discipline to make sure any disciplinary methods align with their parenting values. Additionally, understanding the preschool’s approach to discipline, or finding one that meshes well with your own, helps create a supportive and consistent learning environment for your child.

Does My Child Need to Be Potty-Trained? 

Before enrolling them in preschool, you should inquire about whether your child needs to be potty-trained. Requirements may vary from school to school, and understanding this policy means that you can prepare your child and meet the preschool’s expectations or get the support you need from a school that provides potty training.

Are Your Teachers CPR & First Aid-Trained?

This one is a no-brainer. It’s essential to ask if the teachers at the preschool are CPR and first aid-trained for your child’s safety. This ensures that they can respond effectively to any medical emergencies that may arise during your child’s time at the preschool.

How Much Time Do Students Spend Outside?

You should ask about the amount of time students spend outside at the preschool to ensure your child has ample opportunities for outdoor play-based education and exploration! Spending time outdoors helps limit screen time and is crucial for children’s physical health, social development, and overall well-being. 

Do You Provide My Child Meals?

Asking whether the preschool provides meals for your child is important for understanding the logistical aspects of their care during the day. Knowing if meals are provided helps you plan accordingly and ensures your child’s nutritional needs are met while they’re away from home. 

What Safety Precautions Do You Have in Place?

In today’s climate, inquiring about the safety precautions in place at a preschool is essential for ensuring your child’s well-being. Understanding the safety measures in place helps reassure you that the preschool prioritizes your child’s safety and has protocols in place to address emergencies or potential hazards. Additionally, being aware of the school’s policy and practices will allow you to know your role in any safety measures. 

What Are Your Hours of Operation, Rates, and Turnover Rates?

Asking about the preschool’s hours of operation and rates will help you decide if their schedule aligns with your needs and budget. Knowing their hours helps you plan your child’s daily routine and when to pick up your child, while understanding their rates allows you to budget effectively for their education and care. Additionally, knowledge of a preschool’s turnover rates will give you insight into the overall stability of that learning environment. 

How Often Are Toys and Supplies Cleaned?

It’s important to ask about the frequency of cleaning for toys and supplies at the preschool to ensure that hygiene standards are maintained. Cleaning toys and supplies more often may help reduce the number of germs your child encounters, cutting down on the potential of them getting sick.

parent and child at a desk

Can I Speak to Some Family References?

Don’t be afraid to ask to speak to families who have experience with the preschool! Requesting to speak to family references is a valuable step in gaining insights into the preschool’s reputation, quality of care, and overall satisfaction of families currently or previously enrolled. Speaking with references provides first-hand perspectives that can help you make an informed decision about your choice of child care!

Does Your School Accommodate Allergies or Dietary Restrictions?

Asking whether the preschool accommodates allergies or dietary restrictions is crucial to ensure the safety and well-being of your child. Understanding their policies and procedures for managing allergies and dietary restrictions helps you assess if the preschool can provide a safe and inclusive environment that meets your child’s specific needs.

What Makes Your Preschool the Best Option for My Child?

When choosing a preschool for your child, understanding what sets the school apart from other educational facilities can be a game-changer. Discovering a preschool’s unique strengths and curriculum offerings is an opportunity to open unique doors for your child and will help you give your child an edge in the academic arena from the very beginning of their education.

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